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Exhausted from dating

Everyone can understand why it’s a mistake to do your grocery shopping when you’re starving.

It’s common sense: not only are you guaranteed to make poor and impulsive choices that don’t serve you well, you’ll also probably blow your budget and literally “pay the price later” for your indiscretions.

This was a blog based on one woman's thoughts, opinions and experiences involving NASCAR and Indy Car. I dumped the guy I was going to go to my junior prom with a week before the dance because I felt more like his therapist than his girlfriend. I’m like Charlotte from the where she gets so frustrated and just yells “I’ve been dating since I was 15! I’m always the one who puts forth effort, for once I want to be pursued.

As of February 20, 2015 this blog is no longer active. Going to the dance alone was not at ALL what I wanted to do — and it sucked — but I couldn’t stay with him because it just wasn’t the right thing for either of us, even if the timing was terrible. The thought, just the mere idea, of going back to or e Harmony makes me want to vomit.

But they are also 30 percent more likely to want to find a relationship this year. Are you nodding your head in defeated agreement yet?

Dating apps may have forever changed the way we date, but they sure don’t seem to have made it any easier — especially for millennials.

Do you pick yourself up after yet another promising start ends up with yet another unasked for d*ck pic?

How heavy is your heart after the person you matched with, messaged with, met with – the person who got your hopes up after all those other dud dates – turns out to be another disappointment?

And they're particularly meaningful when you consider the study found that 40 percent of singles dated someone they met online last year. One in six singles said they felt addicted, but millennials (those ages 18 to 36) are suffering acutely from this particular malaise.

Or do you feel that familiar crush of anger and exhaustion when you realise the one date you didn’t even like that much is ghosting you?

In short, is it any wonder that so many women who are actively using dating apps feel drained and over it?

Find out why & browse the archives by clicking here. So with that said I’m obviously looking for something real, something substantial. I don’t know if I can do that again — sift through profiles and then wait for someone to write back and then have that first phone call and hope that goes well enough to want to meet them for coffee.

On December 30th of last year my boyfriend of one year told me that we had to break up (our one-year anniversary was the day before). And then have to go to that coffee shop and PRAY that they’re great enough to want to go on another date.

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Interestingly, on the whole men are 97 percent more likely to say they’re addicted than women are. They’re 54 percent more likely to feel burned out by their dating lives.