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Custom validator validating multiple controls

Net, when you use a Custom Validator, it is easy to make it validate one control. Instead you add the following code to your aspx/ascx file: The “Validator Hookup Control ID” method used above, is automatically injected into the page for you by ASP.But how do you use it to validate multiple controls (for eg: you want to make sure that if the City field has been filled out then you want the State field to also be filled out). Net whenever you use a validation control in your page.I have 3 textboxes and each need a requiredfieldvalidator and a rangevalidator.If I clear the first textbox the requiredfieldvalidator kicks in. Actually when we add some validator control on our page a js file is also included in the application that is used by the validator control to perform its functionality.

Then in your validator, you could show the error message if that item is not available in that color. A list of licenses authors might use can be found here I tried the multivalidator and it works beautifully in IE 8 but not at all in Fire Fox. In IE7, I get an error when I click the bt New button (with both fields empty or at least one of them filled): Error:object expected in line 458 - this occurs in function At Least One Validator_Client Validate(val, args); In Firefox, when I click the bt New button nothing happens, (again with both fields empty or at least one of them filled). document.all[id] This doesn't work in Firefox (don't think it works in Opera or Safari either, for that matter). Here is the code, I hope it helps someone: Protected Sub grid SVL_Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. When you mix two controls together for validation, it gets a little trickier. Is Valid = True End If The final point of note is that this doesn't keep you from checking Page. The final code, which is available for download, also contains a Required Field Validator for the Country Radio Button List, and the end of the Button Press event actually checks Page. The sample code referenced in this article is available for download. NET, and SQL Server-related articles, and when he isn't hanging around the aspnetpro forums, you can find him working on the syntax for Fizz Bin. NET Validator Controls," to get a grounding in validator controls). Is Valid = False Else Dim str Reg Exp Zip Code As String Select Case rb Country. Text Case "US" str Reg Exp Zip Code = "^((\d-\d)|(\d))$" Case "Canada" str Reg Exp Zip Code = "^([A-Z]\d[A-Z]\s\d[A-Z]\d)$" End Select If Regex. Text, str Reg Exp Zip Code) Then Custom Validator1. Is Valid = False End If End If Else Custom Validator1. As you can see the right tick in Screen-3, this is because I have two images on my page one to display tick and one to display cross.You can remove this piece of line in order to work with this.

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For example, you can create a validation control that checks whether the value entered into a text box is an even number.

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