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Veteran politicos and scarily accomplished, they will still come to be scrutinized as single ladies.I’m waiting for the Vanity Fair photo shoot — they’ll call it “Obama’s Angels” or something of the like, dress them in sexy clothes and omit mention of their years at Yale and Stanford. Last time I checked, single women like me and Napolitano have to pull double duty on pretty much everything!However, there is a difference between being a free spirit and actually having trouble dedicating yourself to one person.“Pretty often my relationships are really short,” says Arianna Delira, a junior at Georgia State University.Does the thought of marriage have you running for the hills, screaming?Or saying the word “love” make you want to throw up in your mouth? You probably wouldn’t even be reading this article if you weren’t a little bit curious to find out that maybe you afraid of commitment.I'm standing off to the side, annoyed at him for dancing with her, but also annoyed with myself. I like the way she laughs when she finds something really funny: she laughs, then stops, then keeps laughing, and it's like you can see her replaying the moment in her head. Before I can lose my nerve, I jog to catch up to him. I joke, "He's going to be dancing all up on his boyfriend at the rave. " I mean to invite Kendall along — but she misinterprets my dumb joke as me asking for permission to hook up with someone else. Tomorrow, I'm heading off on a weekend road trip with a few friends. I can't dance, so I'm too self-conscious to go over there. He's old — he graduated last year, he tells me — and flies planes for the Army now. Neither of us are really big on PDA, but we end up making out in front of everyone. I like the way she makes a messy bun look actually cute. We quickly straighten out the confusion, but once she understands what I meant, she admits that she got nervous and didn't know how to handle the situation. Kendall isn't going, so tonight is the last time I'll see her.

“He made me laugh, the sex was great, and he was intellectually stimulating,” she says. “He couldn’t look past the fact that I made more money,” says Lauren. workforce is female and 40 percent of those women are their family’s breadwinner.Gail Collins of the New York Times was rightfully indignant over Rendell’s comments. often wind up portrayed as vestal virgins who live only to serve their chief executive…Instead of being celebrated for their achievements, they wind up regarded as slightly fanatic.” As if that’s not bad enough, again, how on earth do you find a suitable dinner companion?ou’re an impressive woman: powerful, accomplished, leading the pack in your job as an executive, a politician, a venture capitalist. It seems that women’s power and success make many men feel threatened, and so they either won’t come close or head for the hills soon after the first kiss. You could be a part of the Washington Spinsters Club, an elite group of some of the most powerful and influential women in the world... Many of my high-powered single women friends — especially those over 45 — have complained that it’s hard to find a romantic partner.

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Multiple studies show that, when asked, men say they prefer dating ambitious go-getters. As a result, many women are playing down their drive — at work or on dates — to make themselves seem like “relationship material.” When single female students were told their answers would be shared with male peers, they acted less ambitious and leadership-oriented — claiming a desire for smaller paychecks, fewer travel days, and fewer working hours, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research.