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Taiwan women dating foreigners

I took it for granted, even deciding at one point to completely shut off my dating life.I stayed abstinent for nearly two years, purposely staying away from potential drama while trying to “find my own independence” and “learn to love myself” and such crap.Eh, I call BS on #3 (the "demure" part - everyone's attracted to charming, intelligent people - that's not news), just because my own experience has proven to me that it's not true. I don't really have much experience, but I can say #6 and #10 might be a problem, the rest are no problem at all.The rest have a ring of truth to them for a lot of Taiwanese men, generally speaking. In fact, they are pretty descriptive of my husband (who as you know is not Taiwanese! And he's really just an amazing partner, a far better fit for me than a stereotypical 'go after what you want, nothing means anything until we agree it does' Western guy.So by now it has been two and a half months since I came back to California after living in Taiwan for three years.People ask me how my love life was during that time, and I can safely say that what ended up happening was not what most people would expect, least of all me.You may have heard the rumor that Taipei is full of pretty young girls, and it’s true.They are skinny with long, straight hair and nice skin, talented with makeup and stylishly dressed in their knock-off designer clothes, and they are everywhere.

Cars fly every which way on a rainy street in a suburb.I told you to do that", then we're gonna have a problem.Of course that's true no matter the ethnicity or gender of the person.#10, depends what "consider the wishes of their parents" means.If you look in the expat community you'll also find a bevy of women married to Taiwanese men.Not as many as the other way around, but still, quite a few.

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(Nothing wrong with that, I'm not judging it, just that that attitude from guys hasn't worked for me in the past).

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