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The galleries each display particular categories of escort.The super-jumbo A380 was supposed to become a symbol for Airbus's superiority and Boeing's decline. Instead, the prestige project could turn in to a symbol for the Europeans' aerospace downfall. Fairies and elves hovered above the trees as wisps of fog rose into the air. The 5,000 invited guests, the crème de la crème of the European business, political and cultural worlds were enchanted as they watched the world's largest passenger aircraft, the A380, being unveiled in the southwestern French city of Toulouse.It was such a momentous event that the guest list even included four European heads of state.The writing team on Awakening consists of David Gaider, Sheryl Chee, and Ferret Baudoin.The player takes on the role of a Grey Warden commander, who is either an imported character from Origins or a new Warden from Orlais.

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