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Angenehme tiefgründig: Alev Lenz ist das neue Jazzpop-Fräuleinwunder aus Deutschland. Norah Jones, Tochter des legendären indischen Sitarspielers Ravi Shankar und vor vier Jahren weltweiter Jazz-Shootingstar, tritt am Mittwoch in der Spandauer Zitadelle auf.

In New York tritt sie schon im selben Club wie Norah Jones auf.

For skeptics like me who find Q-Tip’s quirky, helium-sounding vocals most enjoyable when diluted by the voices of other performers, the album wisely adds soul and R&B through live instrumentation and singing from Raphael Saadiq, Norah Jones, D’Angelo, and Amanda Diva.

Some older tracks, some newer ones in tons of different styles. With its fiercely intelligent, socially progressive lyrics and brilliant fusion of rap and jazz, the group emerged as one of the most popular and influential in all of hip-hop, producing such classic LPs as 1991's The Low End Theory and 1993's Midnight Marauders before disbanding in 1998.Q-Tip then mounted a solo career with the 1999 release of Amplified.), and a nagging generation gap (Why is Generation X hatin’ on Generation Y?), Q-Tip united hip-hoppers under a set of impeccable grooves.

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Polished versions of tracks from this summer’s mix-tape include Official, with its classic stab’*’dip beats, and the warm wash of Believe, featuring D’Angelo.

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