Good dating straplines

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Good dating straplines

Bobby and Fiona Burrage’s relationship started off as one of designer and account director, but developed into husband and wife, and parents of a little three-year-old Burrage.

They met when Bobby hired Fiona at his Norwich-based agency The Click, and the pair has since launched their own graphic design-led lifestyle brand, Nor-Folk.

Rather than an idiomatic blunder, however, Electrolux’s campaign was an edgy pun.

“The Best Part of Waking up is Folgers in Your Cup” This line has been featured in every Folgers commercial since the 1960s.

Here they are, talking about the ups and downs of living together, parenting together and working together. About two or three years after founding The Click (during 2007), I needed somebody to run the studio, manage our client accounts and generally take care of anything that would distract me from design work.

I was told about Fiona by one of our clients – he sung her praises and assured me that she’d be perfect for The Click and could help us develop the business.

The price isn’t being disclosed but M14’s CEO John Kershaw says the move is all about better understanding exactly how dating services perform in the wild.“Although we’re powering other people’s dating apps, Bristlr (the company’s own dating app that launched the company) is our only real benchmark of what success looks like. gives us double.”For example, Kershaw was interested to discover that Bristlr and Double have similar churn rates.

According to Ad, Tony the Tiger’s character has evolved over the years: he stands upright rather than on all fours, has traveled to more than 42 countries, and has a wife and a daughter.“Nothing Sucks like an Electrolux.” Beginning in the 1960s, the Swedish vacuum maker used this slogan to market its machines to an international audience.Many Americans believed the off-color slogan to be an error in translation.M14 Industries, the Manchester-based platform for dating apps, has acquired Double, a ‘Tinder for double dates’ based in London.M14, one of last year’s Tech North Northern Stars winners, has bought the app and its data although Double’s founders will not be coming along with the deal.

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