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Esbjorn svensson trio dating

is a phenomenon: A jazztrio, which sees itself as a popband that plays jazz, which broke with the tradition of leader and sidemen in favour of equality within its members, which not only plays jazz-venues but also venues usually reserved for rockbands, which uses light effects and fog-machines in their live shows, which gets a whole audience to sing-a-long with jazz-standards as eg.Thelonius Monk's "Bemsha Swing", is a trio that goes beyond the scope of the usual classic jazztrio.To follow we have the trio falling naturally into their signature sound with the title track “Seven Days Of falling” all three contributing to the uplifting melodies with Esbjorn piano skills playing centre stage and showing off why he will be sadly missed in the music world.Though the first two tracks are quite reflective in nature thats not what the album is all about as with the 3rd track “Mingle In The Mincing-Machine” we can really hear the modern fusing of sounds from other contemporary genres, a more uptempo track that has Rock and Techno stylings from the outset, this from a trio on acoustic instruments, you’ll not believe your ears and how do they do it? T are a great entry into the world of Modern Jazz with their contemporary stylings influenced by modern genres, but what makes them great is that under all of this there is great musicianship, arrangements and melodies in a very traditional Jazz jacket but this crossing of boundaries I think helps to ease listeners into a more Jazzy world without the jolt of listening to a traditional trio. T have a reputation for great energetic live performances which sadly is beyond our reach in 2013 with the passing of Esbjorn but be thankful that he, Dan and Magnus have left a fantastic discography for us and future generations to discover.When Magnus was given his first drum set, he brought it over to my house, and we started playing.We had no idea how to play, but it was a lot of fun.

Semblance Suite In Three On For Movements: Part IV 8. Esbjrn Svensson is one of the truly great piano talents on the Scandinavian jazz scene.In EST, who previously has released some critically acclaimed albums - "From Gagarins Point Of View "(ACT 9005-2), "Winter In Venice" (ACT 9007-2) and lately "Good Morning Susie Soho" (ACT 9009-2) - we have Magnus strm on drums, Dan Berglund on double-bass and, of course, Esbjrn Svensson himself, who was an infant when he practically learnt to walk to the sound of "In Walked Bud". So I was very young when I first came in touch with Monks music.He is the kind of composer that cannot be avoided", says Esbjrn Svensson."Plays Monk" is the telling title of the CD from 1996 by Esbjrn Svensson Trio (EST), now released on ACT.Ten of the most beloved songs by Monk, from nocturnal, lovingly caressing "`Round Midnight" to the gay and sprightly "Rhythm-A-Ning", gets here a becomingly shining new colour.

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