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Previously voluntary, it became mandatory for use of these services by July 2005.

Despite its name it does not actually evaluate the integrity or security of any computer.

There’s nothing wrong with still using XP, a number of staff here at Make Use Of have yet to budge in fact.

I have a Dell Latitude 131L that’s perhaps two years old. I’d loaned the machine to a friend for a while who’d recently returned it.

Each distribution is Linux, but they are not necessarily binary compatible with each other (i.e.

Puppy Linux is an example of a distribution specifically designed to minimize system requirements. The product key for XP Home that was installed on it is on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop.

Even the Android OS used in many phones and tablets is based on Linux. Like so many of my readers, I’d lost, misplaced, or just didn’t feel like looking for the actual Dell Windows XP Home disk, particularly since I had a old pre-SP1 retail disk (purchased from the Microsoft Company Store) in front of me that I’d never used.

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Luckily, Windows Activation has been toned down after its introduction in Windows XP.

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