Phonesex line syarcuse

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Phonesex line syarcuse

Don’t be that tough guy who tries to say they don’t like Ed Sheeran, everybody loves Ed Sheeran.

The one catch with this number is that it must be dialed with the AT&T Carrier Access Code 10732.

If you haven’t heard “Bad and Boujee” seven million times by now, you’re either deaf, haven’t turned on the radio, or Amish.

Add in some “T-Shirt” and “Slippery,” and Migos will keep all the drunks rocking all night.

Last Thanksgiving, I was in Houston, visiting my wife’s family. An important element of Midwestern identity is believing you don’t have an accent … The Inland North accent as we know it began to develop in the early 20th century, as a result of one of the most remarkable linguistic transitions of the modern era: the Northern Cities Vowel Shift.

Accents are an important element of regional identity.

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