Dating baseball photos by uniform style

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The baseball cap has gone through minimal transformations since the earliest days of the game.The primal baseball photograph of the 1846 Knickerbockers pictures six team members wearing nearly identical straw hats.In recent years, the baseball cap has become more of an everyday fashion than a function of keeping the sun off of a player's head and out of his eyes on the ball diamond.Every time I turn around, I see someone wearing a baseball cap.You're probably watching the 80th edition of the Masters Tournament—rather than playing in it. It’s an expensive outfit you don’t anticipate getting dirty.Still, as golf comes back in to the spotlight this month, you may feel inspired to play your local course. Do you know of another sport that has its own “But really: Many of these performance brands sponsor an elite athlete (or athletes) like Adidas (Jason Day and Dustin Johnson), Puma (Ricky Fowler), Skechers (Matt Kuchar), Under Armour (Jordan Spieth), and Nike (Rory Mcllroy).

The hot dog became closely associated with baseball and American culture.Roster photos are also favorites of general baseball enthusiasts, who use such photos to tease out details about the game and how it was played back in the day: Weren’t those uniforms hot in the summer?Did they really catch line drives with those gloves?Alternatively, some people like to collect the newspapers that wire photos appeared in.In general, collecting newspapers is less expensive than collecting actual photos, but newsprint is fragile compared to a photographic print that has been properly stored, so storage and handling is more of an issue.

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Can you imagine sprinting for third in a pair of those shoes?

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