Dhcp not updating a records in dns

Posted by / 19-Nov-2016 01:51

In past Inside Out columns, I've shown you how to use simple batch files to set up just-installed systems as domain controllers (DCs) and to create disaster-recovery tools.

I've also shown you how to use Netsh to configure and fine-tune your IP stack—the first step toward making a Windows Server 2003 or Windows 2000 server ready to ascend to DC status.

The Domain Name System also specifies the technical functionality of the database service that is at its core.It needs some form of translation to make it happen, and the mechanism that enables that translation is the Domain Name System, or DNS.In the early days when there were only a few hundred nodes, a single text file could easily map host names to their corresponding IP addresses.DNS (Domain Name Service) is one of the most basic services on the Internet.If you want to effectively set up TCP/IP on your network, you’ll probably need to install a DNS server at some point. In this Daily Drill Down, I’ll take a brief look at DNS and show you some of its ins and outs.

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Most prominently, it translates more readily memorized domain names to the numerical IP addresses needed for locating and identifying computer services and devices with the underlying network protocols.