Dhcp not updating reverse lookup zone

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Dhcp not updating reverse lookup zone

Would appreciate any pointers on getting this to work.

We have multiple hosts as of late that sucessfully pull a DHCP address and are domain machines that there is no A record being created for the host.

In your upgrade plans, take into account the detected potential issues that the new requirements and restrictions might cause.

After you upgrade v Center Server or the ESXi host to v Sphere 5.1 Update 3d and attempt to connect to the v Center Server or the ESXi host using a version of v Sphere Client earlier than 5.1 Update 1b, you are prompted to upgrade the v Sphere Client to v Sphere Client 5.1 Update 3a. You must use only the upgraded v Sphere Client to access v Sphere 5.1 Update 3a.

When either type of client (static or DHCP client) initiates an A record update with its authoritative DNS server, it will first start by performing an SOA query for the FQDN of the client in question: The client then receives a response from the authoritative DNS server containing information about the server that is to process the dynamic update.

From there, the client continues communicating with the primary DNS server that accepted the A record update.

Folks, I have a Juniper EX4200 DHCP server with Microsoft DNS server 2008, my problem is that since I installed the juniper DHCP server the reverse lookup zone on the microsoft DNS server stopped getting updated.The Inventory Service database does not have a scheduled backup.You should back up the Inventory Service database as part of your regular v Center Server database administration.In addition, check this site for information about supported management and backup agents before installing ESXi or v Center Server.The v Sphere Client and the v Sphere Web Client are packaged with the v Center Server and modules ZIP file.

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Using Netflow, I could see the ip address of the offender but couldnt see the hostname of the computer/workstation that was the offender.

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