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Does bible say christian dating jew

When you ask why they are doing this, you hear rationalizations, such as: “I love him, and love is what matters the most.” “He promises to go to church with me and the children.” “If I break up with him, he won’t have anyone to lead him to Christ. You should no more pray about marrying a non-Christian than you should pray about whether it is God’s will for you to commit adultery or murder your neighbor.Besides, I’m sure that he’s going to become a Christian.” “I’ve prayed about it and feel a peace that this is God’s will.” I want you to hear me loud and clear: It is never God’s will for a Christian to marry a non-Christian! God has made it abundantly plain that it is sin for His children to marry an unbeliever. Someone may be thinking, “But I know of cases where a believer married an unbeliever and everything has turned out fine.It is the oldest of the world’s three great monotheistic religions (that is, religions serving one God).Judaism is the parent of both Christianity and Islam.He uses it to wreak havoc among God’s people and to thwart God’s work. I have seen spiritually vibrant young people throw their lives away by marrying unbelievers.The scheme is so simple that you would think that even the most naïve of God’s people would have caught on by now, but they haven’t. Usually, it seems to be Christian young women who marry unbelieving men, although occasionally the pattern is reversed.

He never changes it, but it still works like a charm.

Keller does reach into Scripture to make her point, and as a Christian myself, I'm eager to follow her logic.

She refers (without citation) to the Old Testament's restriction on marrying foreigners and non-Jews.

The Torah contains some 613 commands which are summed up in the Ten Commandments.

A very important concept in Judaism is that of the Messiah.

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Since Jews and Christians both claim to have God’s Word, do they basically have the same religion?

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