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[Source: wikipedia ] Hagstrom reference sites Biggest The Hagstrom Pages Dating Goya Hagstom guitars reference books Super Swede: Hagstrom Guitars 50 Years Hagstrom guitar catalogs 1952, 1966, 1967, 1971, 1977 and more 72, 75 1975 Hagstrom guitar catalog 2011 Hagstrom acoustic catalog 2017 Hagstrom Catalog Hagstrom guitar advertisements Images – e Bay.

To recap: the Hagstrom company was founded by Albin Hgstrom (1905-1952) in Alvdalen, Sweden in 1921 as an accordion importing firm. Hagstrom’s first guitars were the sparkle plastic-covered acoustic/electrics with replaceable pickup assemblies, introduced in the U. In ’62 Hagstrom struck a deal with another Swedish manufacturer, Bjarton, to make acoustic guitars sold in the U. as Fender Tarrega and Buegeleisen & Jacobson Espana guitars.

The glue started powdering away between the two halves of the neck. pro-rated it and made a custom Swede/Super Swede (with Jimmy DAquisto as his US agent to inspect the thing).

I really can't remember if I mentioned this, but I might just have the 80th Hagstrom Swede ever built (Karl E.

Hagstrom is going to research it for me, when he gets some time).

"The little big guitar" – ett litet kraftpaket som bevisar sin storhet.

Ultra Swede-gitarren har en kropp i lind och en vackert flammig lönntopp.

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