The art of war for dating dating billion year old rocks

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The art of war for dating

Think about the terminology that’s used in both dating and war: Wingman, “shot down,” target, grenade, torpedo, in the field, taken hostage, “mission accomplished” …For example, Situation 2 involves Grenades, Cockblockers and other obstacles like drunks, jealous Alpha Males and even Boring Buddies, you own friends dragging you down by their complete lack of skills.

"It's about creative problem-solving," Hagy told me.

For centuries, man has studied the ancient art of war before heading into battle--obsessively planning, strategically theorizing, and meticulously executing.

If only he did that before trying to pick up women.

Just as they turn to Sun Tzu's honored text for military guidance, they can sharpen their dating skills by adapting the good general's advice.

But since every guy hitting the bar on Saturday night isn't a seasoned warrior, this book has done the heavy lifting.

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This is what the ancient warriors called "mind-f**king".