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If any of this offends you DO NOT READ any further. Traven is not pulling my leg, but I'll let judge for yourself. Traven is very interested in any comments or criticism on this story. Even worse, some of the older dog-earred manuscripts are even written in German.The following story was given to me for posting by B. It is part of a series of stories never published before that supposedly describing true case studies investigated by Dr. I will be glad to forward any messages about this story to Dr. My high school German is a little rusty, and I'm quite sure my German vocabulary does not extend to some of the terms used in these stories!Prof Svanborg, an immunologist at Lund University in Sweden, made the chance discovery that the substance kills tumour cells when working on antibiotics.She said: ‘We were looking for novel antimicrobial agents, and new breast milk is a very good source of these.Many uses: A mother can be seen breast feeding her baby.In addition to supposedly treating eye ear infections, it has been claimed that breast milk is a natural solution for skin conditions such as acne 'Human breast milk has a lot of antibodies in it that helps fight infection, and since acne is an infection of the skin, that is one that it helps fight,' Spa owner Shama Patel told Daily Mail Australia.Formula milk is just a food, whereas breast milk is a complex living nutritional fluid that contains antibodies, enzymes, and hormones, all of which have health benefits.

Just stop with the "breast milk is a bodily fluid". These are just some tips that [Jackie] was trying to share with us from her experience,' one woman wrote.

Traven "Many mothers find great emotional - even sexual - satisfaction in breastfeeding, for it is the culmination of the sybiotic unity with the child." - Dorothy L. D., "Pediatric Care", 1977 "Oedipus was blinded because the light of truth was too much to bare" - B.

Traven "[A] Mother/son [relationship] is the one relationship-type where both parties get exactly what they need from the other party and the relationship, and the power status between the parties is the most equitable." - Dr. Boswell, Institute of Advanced Sexual Studies "There is *enormous* senusal pleasure suckling at a lactating woman's breast.

Show them that it can be done with this encouraging and relatable DVD!

Using a variety of employment scenarios, working moms will gain confidence and learn that with a little planning, they can successfully continue breastfeeding well beyond maternity right on target for women returning to work with young babies.

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Clinicians know that breast feeding is crucial to infant health in developing countries, but they may be less aware of the potential longer term health benefits for mothers and babies in developed countries, particularly in relation to obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol, and cancer.

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