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In the other, she moves ‘alone, queen like’ through various ambassadorial parties and stilted, stylised and detached entanglements with a series of beautiful young men.Both films trace the choreography of these central lacunae who delineate and encrypt desire but are themselves disconnected from any emotional life.

I told my father I wanted to leave Greece to go to graduate school, and he answered, “I’d rather have you settled and with a family close to us, but I’m not going to stop you.” Remember, I was 21 years old and about to leave not only my home but also my country. I earned a Master’s degree in England and then a Ph D in Germany.

Then I taught Physics and Astronomy at the University of Athens back in Greece for several years, but I knew all the while I really wanted to do research.

So I spent every vacation, plus my one-year sabbatical, in the United States doing research at NASA.

The owners were happy to store our luggage for the morning on the day when we checked out.

The room was clean and spacious, including everything you would expect. The Melo is a family-run B&B, located 800 feet from Bari Station.

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There were some sweet snacks as well as bottled water in the fridge. It offers brightly coloured rooms with air conditioning, a fridge and private bathrooms.