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Wells fargo employee dating policy

Federal regulators on Thursday fined Wells Fargo Bank nearly 0 million for a widespread scam run by some employees to open millions of bogus accounts to meet quotas and generate sales bonuses, officials said.

The federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced the penalties against the bank after an investigation uncovered rampant illegal activity by thousands of employees.

Her complaint claiming retaliation by Wells Fargo for reporting potential misconduct is one of several dozens filed against the bank over the last 14 years, Reuters has found. The department did not disclose details of the claims or the dates they were filed, and it remained unclear how many were related to the ongoing scandal involving Wells staffers opening as many as 2 million accounts without customer permission.

"The actions we have taken with respect to team members and managers reflect our commitment to monitoring and addressing any inappropriate sales conduct.Of the five OSHA complaints seen by Reuters, Ponce de Leon's case has been pending since December 2011, and another 2014 case was initially dismissed by an OSHA investigator on grounds that were later reversed on appeal by a Labor Department administrative law judge.The bank ultimately reached a settlement with the employee in 2015.It’s this group, the suit claims, that may have been hurt the most by Wells Fargo’s alleged culture of cutting corners.Wells Fargo agreed to pay a 5-million settlement earlier this month amid revelations of major sales abuse.

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