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The committee shall study, analyze and evaluate issues arising from the collection and recovery of macro-harvested water, including reviewing scientific data on surface water, rainwater harvesting, methodology costs and benefits, potential impacts on water rights, downstream users, and potential aquifer management issues and groundwater management issues.

House Bill 2830 (2012) allows the governing body of a city or town to establish an energy and water savings account that consists of a designated pool of capital investment monies to fund energy or water savings projects in public facilities, including rainwater harvesting systems (Arizona Revised Statutes §9-499.16).

The letters gave state election officials until July 14 to supply all the information to the commission.

state details all of the counties and municipalities in the United States of America that ban the sale of alcoholic beverages.

Rainwater harvesting and rainwater collection are considered a private property right in Alabama.

There aren’t any current rebates or tax incentives for the state but there are several mentions as well as workshops on rainwater on the state website as well as the State college websites.

For instance, One County says you can’t view moose from an airplane, but that’s only true if you’re helping someone hunting a moose.

A law prohibiting people from giving moose alcohol has also been repealed.

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Learn more about rainwater harvesting in Alaska: Arizona does not currently have anything making rainwater harvesting illegal.