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Facebook is compelling because it’s a very passive way of getting a window into other people’s lives – you can snoop without feeling like a snooper.

However for the broken hearted (and the type of person hellbent on keeping a foothold in your life), it’s a very passive way of keeping tabs on your ex.

So my point is it's not like he hates me or doesn't know I exist. And they broke up on 10/10 and he cheated on her and she knows he did. :( Last time they went out his signature on his phone was ilovemybaby and he was like I love her and ya. Last time they went out he didn't text me and Sally is the one who told me they were going out. If you are Sally's friend and you knew she dated him and you have not then why would you want to date him anyway way if he keeps going out with her.

She kept on tell me that she isnt doing anything wrong and that it's not her fault that... My best-friend had told her to give me a wedding invitation. Maybe forever or just take a break from her and wait to talk to her again only when you finally find a new man of your dreams.Consider timing, too: Are they free to return your feelings, or are they involved with someone else?If they’re dating someone, examine whether your crush is sincere or is coming from jealousy over the relationship.After experiencing massive growth in the last few years, it’s causing sleepless nights, compulsive urges, and arguments about being insensitive or why they were snooping around in your business in the first place.Before, where you could break up in private, by opening yourself up to ‘sharing’ information about your life on Facebook, it means that you have to go through what can be quite a public and often painful process of breaking up online.

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My friend Sally (not real name) is one of my best friends.

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