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Physical therapist dating patient

An individual licensed by the physical therapy section has a responsibility to report any organization or entity that provides or holds itself out to deliver physical therapy services that places the licensee in a position of compromise with this code of ethical conduct.

Licensees shall use the provisions contained in paragraphs (A) (1) to (A)(10) of this rule as guidelines for promoting ethical integrity and professionalism.

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Dear Auntie Sparknotes, For the first time EVER in my life, I've done it. It's not a drastic age difference, only three years, and it's not illegal or anything because I'm eighteen. And from what I can tell, he certainly doesn't dislike me.

She even testified that he told her she could no longer be his patient "on paper" and there would be no more records of her visits.

But the woman, 40, says the therapy continued along with the affair until she broke it all off in early 2006, when she realized she was still just "the other woman." Still, the parting was amicable, the woman testified.

"He told me how beautiful I was," she told a Milwaukee County jury.

They conducted a sexual affair they tried to keep secret from both their spouses.

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A licensee shall not intentionally or knowingly offer to pay or agree to accept any compensation, directly or indirectly, overtly or covertly, in cash or in kind, to or from any person or entity for receiving or soliciting patients or patronage, regardless of the source of the compensation.