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Lo TR/HPNo matter how many dragons they have under their command, they will never win this war so long as any of the White Walkers live. Harry/Loki)If you know who to ask, then 'anything' really is possible, provided you're willing to pay equal to the value of your desire. - How different may things be, when a child of prophecy becomes Fae.

Natasha has the opportunity now to turn the tide, to halt the snow, to bring the dawn. All Kagome has ever wanted was for the Well to reopen so that she could return to her first love, Inuyasha. After she was forced to try to forget her life in the Sengoku Jidai, Kagome rejects Hojo summaryinside Based on "Hatal Fart Attack" by Corwalch, "Royal Ward" follows the changes in Harry's life after he gains the personal attention of the Queen.

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Her first encounter with him was when she was just thirteen years old, on a mission gone wrong. Since then, Sakura had crossed paths with him a handful of times and each time, he seemed to be protecting her. A young woman with a mysterious heritage flees an oppressive Jarl, only to find herself in the possession of another. It was a silly dream, a fantasy children clung to until they were forced to face the realities of the shinobi world. And never imagined her other half would belong to him. Unfortunately for the gorgeous celestial mage there's someone to witness her heart breaking, or is it fortunate?